Whether you are an operator looking for training programs for fleet upgrade or renewal or an individual requiring a specific course, we can provide you with a custom made syllabus that meets your requirements. we can provide this courses at your own facilities for your convenience

We offer initial Type Rating course, Command Upgrading, License Proficiency Checks (LPC), Right Hand Seat Checkouts, Type Rating Instructor (TRI) and Crew Resource Managment (CRM), Training programs on demand.

Our Instructors and Examiners are all active airline instructors and our training programs comply strictly with the standards required by the European Regulations EASA.
B737 | B747-400 | B757/767 | B777 | B787
A320 | A330 | A340
Type Rating Instructor courses that include ground and simulator training are available for airlines or individuals.
Crew Resource Managment course for all levels in the airline industry.CRM Instructors course in order to create your own Crew Resource Managment Department

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B777 Type Rating course
      B777 Type Rating for Iraqi Airways in collaboration with our partner Qualiflight.
A330 Type Rating course
      A330 Type Rating for Wamos Air in collaboration with our partner Qualiflight.
B767 Type Rating course
      Orionway together with its partner Qualiflight, has organized and delivered a successful Boeing B767 Type Rating course for pilots of the Airline NEOS Italy.

We thank to the whole team of people that with professionalism, has achieved a great job.
B747-400 Type Rating Renewal and TRI courses
      Orionway and its partner Qualiflight have organized and provided the instructors required for a B747-400 Type Rating renewal.

A Boeing B747-400 Instructor (TRI) Course was also orgnanized and conducted using the Air France Simulator Center in Paris. 
We thank the team involved in these courses.
Silkway Italia
      Orionway together with its partner Qualiflight has provided the instructors (TRIs) for the performance of Boeing B747-400 Type Rating Courses for the Airline "Silkway Italia".

A Boeing B747-400 Instructor (TRI) Course was also performed for this new customer.
Air Panama
      Orionway collaborated incorporating the 737-300 on the company´s fleet, with instructors for routes certifications and Line training.
      Orionway helped Aero Sur to initiate operation with B747-400 Aircrafts providing several sorts of training and ongoing fleet management and control.

It started with training or flight dispatchers in performance and Weight & Balance. Read more
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